I had a great week looking into various tools and apps to use with my classes – Google Classroom, Instagrok, Glogster, Drawing Pad, Explain Everything, Notability, Edmodo, Flipboard and the list goes on…  I also spent some time looking at social bookmarking serivces.  Then I looked at one to many and my brain started to revolt.  How do I know which one is the best for me?  Which one will stay around for awhile?  Which one will work best with various grade levels?  Are there any that I would like to pay for or just use the free apps (remember I do work for a public school).  I put down the lid of the chrome book and walked away and contemplated my options.  I also spoke with my techie husband to see his reaction – “Stop Investigating and Start Doing!!” He is so smart.  I still have these questions but I now know that I can spend a little time with several of them and see how the work before I introduce them to the students.  If they don’t work – hey – write a blog post about it (so I can remember that I had looked at it) and move on.  Technology works only if you actually try something.  Looking forward to learning about other opportunities.