Here is my list of 10 things:

  • You own the technology, the technology does not own you (Julia Osteen post on 1/12/2008 on the Olsen query).  Still think that this one should be #1.  There are times to use technology and pick one over another but then again, if the technology does not add value or enhance our children’s learning – don’t use it for the sake of using a new technology.  
  • Play with whatever technology/app you are going to use before you try to teach with it.  Absolutely!!!!  Say it again – Play with the tech BEFORE you try to teach. 
  • Always have a backup plan as technology will fail at the most inopportune time. Oh Yes!!  Always have a back up plan.  I have only been teaching for about 3 months and this has already happened to me time and time again.  I even have a standard backup to my backup.
  • Keep learning and use whatever is available.  Not to sound like a broken record but again YES!.  Isn’t this why we are in this class and in education to begin with.
  • Trial and Error – sometime the technology will work in the way you want/thought it would and other times it won’t.  If that happens, you might come up with a new idea/opportunity.  Again but make sure you figure this out before you try to teach it.  Although that in and of itself may be an opportunity for a teaching moment.  Doesn’t feel great but we all learn from our mistakes.
  • Just because you created something does not mean you have to retain it.  Cleaning up can be refreshing.  Yup!!
  • Determine if the technology helped or was not really beneficial to the project.  If it is not – throw it out, stop using it or find another way.   I think I already said this in point #1.  Although I now have the idea that I would like to go to another Teacher Librarian and see how they have used it.  This is a good opportunity to connect with other resources.  
  • Sometimes it helps to have detailed instructions and sometimes it is okay to just be free-thinking.  Yup!
  • Ask the students for their input when selecting an app as they might have better insight.  Just keep in mind that you make the final decision.  I might even put this as #2 if we really had to rank them.  Kids have been teaching me how to code this week in a more efficient way.  They have learned all the ins, outs and shortcuts before the lesson had even started.  They are really smart and they love being able to “help” out the teacher.
  • Last but not least – enjoy the technology.  Nothing more needs to be said here.

I am glad that I would retain these top 10.  I have learned alot from the class and feel more able to move forward in the arena of teaching/using/deleting and implementing technology for myself, my students and my teachers.