Ok.  I have now had more practice with cataloging and while I have improved from last week,  I still remember from my first time around how mind blowing the system was.  I think these people must have been drinking while they came up with the system and made adjustments.  I once again say how thankful I am for having Destiny.  In my mind, cataloging is supposed to be making things easier.  NOT.  It is no wonder that my elementary kids are having trouble using the catalog to search, especially after they have been searching on the web for so many years.

I do wish we had the ability to search using the common core for my teachers.  Alas, this is not how it has been done in the past.  I will be meeting with the other librarians in the near future and will see if we can agree that it is important to start cataloging the common core.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.