This week I was so busy with my teaching plan that I completely forgot to do the blog. I had a lot of fun working on the technology in my plan. The 5 that I really like are:

  1. google education- I used the forms and the slides. My daughter helped with the slides and it was a little frustrating to get them to do what we wanted but got there in the end. We also figured out how to use some add ons in forms.
  2. Do ink- time sink. Never got it finished in time to submit for the project but am definitely going to try and use this with a variety of classes.
  3. Voki-  I tried to get this into the lesson but could not quite do it. I had my 5th grade helpers try and put this to use in the library.
  4. Vine-  I have had more hits on my vine 8 seconds than anything else. I am trying to show off different books.
  5. Mind mapping – this was also time consuming but I think that for our executive function challenged students this would be a great tool. I introduced this to my children for their latest writing project and it worked great.