It is amazing how may different assistive technologies are available.  I currently use several with some of my students but I definitely do not feel like I know enough about it to be effective in using them.  Training for some pieces occurs while others are not included. I currently use an app – Join Me to help when I have a presentation to show everyone.  We also use CCTV for vision impaired students.  Several students have been introduced to speech recognition.  I think there are more students who would benefit from these types of technologies, however as the librarian, I do not feel like I know enough about my students to consider it.  I work with the students in a very different way than the classroom teachers and hope I might be able to add some benefit from my interaction with them.  I am really pleased that this has become more of an issue within the school library.  Our school district has a 1:1 iPad program, which has been very helpful in this area.  I can pull audio books, ebooks, make presentations of books that I am reading for the younger children.  I will continue to look for opportunities to work with my students as well as the teachers to make sure they are happy with these children’s time in the library.