1. First, social media IS the new media. – Some items I am proficient at and others like blogging are fairly new to me.   
  2. Transparency is the new platform (for student work and student reading)  I love Google Classroom.  We use it a lot and love the collaborative way it works.   
  3. Global is the new literacy (the new author visit, the new field trip, the new textbook):  I am just beginning to use Google Hangouts with my students and teachers.  I used SKYE but acutally prefer Hangouts. We are trying to get involved in the Global Read Aloud.  I would love to have some more exposure to other opportunities.
  4. Crowdsourcing/crowdfunding is the new bake sale/book sale: I do not know anything about this but would love to know more.
  5. 1:1/mobile is the new computer lab – I am just beginning to use Glogster and Wordle.  Kids love them.  We have not yet used Instragrok but I can think of multiple ways to use it for our research projects.    
  6. App smashing/app curation is the new collection building – This is one area that I do not feel comfortable.  I always feel that I am missing the best app.  We are working collaboratively with the other librarians to come up with a collection of applicable apps.
  7. Online communities of practice are the new faculty rooms/professional development – Love this but am not taking as much advantage as I could.
  8. Making is the new learning –I have always found that students learn better with challenging projects.  The self directing learning is the difficult part.  I think we have gotten into the bad habit of spoon feeding our students too much.  Would love some advice on how to change that.
  9. Augmented reality (AR) is the new reality – Huh??  I am not sure how this would work in the elementary world without causing some major questions.  
  10. Life-wide is the new life-long learning (well, we like them both) – Love this idea and we are doing some of it but I would like to learn more about how others are approaching the concept.