Here is my list of 10 things:

  • You own the technology, the technology does not own you (Julia Osteen post on 1/12/2008 on the Olsen query).
  • Play with whatever technology/app you are going to use before you try to teach with it.
  • Always have a backup plan as technology will fail at the most inopportune time.
  • Keep learning and use whatever is available.
  • Trial and Error – sometime the technology will work in the way you want/thought it would and other times it won’t.  If that happens, you might come up with a new idea/opportunity.
  • Just because you created something does not mean you have to retain it.  Cleaning up can be refreshing.
  • Determine if the technology helped or was not really beneficial to the project.  If it is not – throw it out, stop using it or find another way.
  • Sometimes it helps to have detailed instructions and sometimes it is okay to just be free-thinking.
  • Ask the students for their input when selecting an app as they might have better insight.  Just keep in mind that you make the final decision.
  • Last but not least – enjoy the technology.